Skype pay-per-minute for businesses (API & SaaS)

SkyPrivate is a license of the chargeDM Skype pay-per-minute API&SaaS technology. If you are interested in creating a live cams business you should address to them to get a copy of this technology via an API or as a SaaS (software as a service).

They offer 2 options:

  • an API so that you can integrate in your own platform the Skype pay per minute capability. No one will touch your users nor your money nor your database, just integrate the API
  • a blacklabel so that you can have an out-of-the-box similar (clone) website, with your own brand, as you can see on but with your own Models, Customers, Billing and Support. This is the SaaS version

If you are an affiliate, we can provide you a whitelabel of (you get the traffic, and we provide the models, the platform and the billing + support +antifraud etc). Just check our affiliate program at

To schedule a call to get a demo of the Skype pay-per-minute technology or read the API documentation go to