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Skyprivate is a new and improved way to host and participate in intimate private shows using Skype. It uses a simple plugin that integrates seamlessly with Skype. Furthermore, it can be installed effortlessly in less than a minute. This is a SkyPrivate review:

This plugin allows both members and cam models enjoy a safer and easier way to hold and participate in private shows. It also offers the peace of mind that the payments will come through and all of the information is private and secure.

In this article we will review Skyprivate and underline the features and benefits for using this solution as a member, cam model and cam studio. So, let’s begin!

Skyprivate review for members

If you are looking for private chats with some of your favorite models, Skyprivate can make it happen in an easy and secure way. Applying for a membership will offer you unlimited access to a dashboard where you can track your Skyprivate credit and the ability to schedule private shows with more than 17000+ cam models worldwide.

There are just 2 simple steps to start chatting with your favorite model:

  • Apply for an account (fill out the details)
  • Add credit to your account and schedule a private show
skyprivate review

skyprivate review -screenshot of live skype camgirls

The goal of this software, is to make having one on one private sessions with models as easy and secure as possible, in order for you to better enjoy yourself and make it comfortable to get in touch with any active model.

One huge benefit is that any Skyprivate member can join in private shows from any device including mobile and tablet. This flexibility allows you to get in contact with your favourite models from wherever you are and whenever you want.

Currently Skyprivate has a very strict privacy and security policy in place, making your private shows and all other sensitive information accessible only to you. Nobody else will know your name, banking details or other sensitive information.

Skyprivate review for models

Over 17000+ models have already joined Skyprivate mostly because of the following benefits:

Earn more with your regular visitors

Working for large cam sites is already a good strategy for a nice stream of monthly income. But what if I would tell you that you can almost double that income stream?

Using Skyprivate for hosting private shows with your loyal audience members can help you get more personal with your followers and be paid for each minute spent in a private show.

The payout rate with Skyprivate can reach up to 86% for private shows and the payment is totally secure and transparent. The payout rate for Skyprivate is among the highest on the market.

Full transparency and control over your account finances

Being your own boss is one of the perks of working as a cam model. But as in any other business managing finances and keeping track of your work progress is essential when wanting to scale up.

This is why models that are using Skyprivate scale up very easy. In each model account you will have a dashboard where you can analyze all the money received in a given time period and see clearly which are your regulars and what tweaks you need to do in order to better scale up your income.

Working with cam models for the models

Skyprivate prouds itself in listening to user requests. This is why the service is always improving and developing to bring more useful features to both models and members alike.

As an example, Skyprivate offers multiple ways to promote yourself as a model in the network. Each model has a dedicated page where you can place photos, videos, descriptions etc. Also, if you link your Twitter account you will automatically increase your payout rate. An added bonus is that you will receive a Twitter mention each time you are online. Even more so, we are currently working on having interviews with the models and model of the month selections in order to increase the overall traffic that top models in the network receive.

Skyprivate review for studios

  1. Webcam studios love Skyprivate. Currently studios from more than 30 countries are using Skyprivate for their business needs.
  2. Each studio has access to a management dashboard inside Skyprivate. This allows for a better way to keep track of all the calls and private shows that the models are making. Here they can analyze the overall revenue stream from each model, set custom rates for models and better schedule requested shows from members.
  3. Studios can earn as much as 86% from all the calls made by their models. This is one of the highest payout rate in the industry and makes private skype calls a very lucrative investment for both studios and models.
  4. With Skyprivate you will not need a separate way to get paid and pay your models. All the payments are made through the app, making the entire process more fluid and easier to track.
  5. Skyprivate does not limit the access of you or your models to other cam sites, it’s just a better and safer way to host and get paid for private shows. You can be listed on any number of cam sites while getting extra revenue for private shows on Skyprivate.
  6. The chargeback protection integrated in the software insures that once the private show has ended the money you generated are locked to your account. The member cannot get the money back, making it sure that the model is paid for her/his work.

We know that there are a lot of freeloaders on the web and that’s why Skyprivate has the feature of auto rejecting freeloaders built in. This will help you spend more time making money and optimizing your time.

The support team is very responsive and boasts a less than 24 hours response time and they are a bunch of professional and friendly individuals ready to aid you whenever you need it.


Regardless if you are a member, cam model or cam studio owner, Skyprivate offers a great experience for any user type. Members have an easy and safe way of contacting models, cam models can make extra money from live private shows and studios can increase their payout rate and manage models and finances from private shows much more easily. For more details visit:

You can find cam girls from all around the world on :

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